• Namida no Kiss (涙のキッス) – Kiss of Tears by Southern All Stars. I still like this song. One of my favorite songs all time.
  • Chrismas Carol no Koro ni wa – The Season of Christmas Carol by Junichi Inagaki. One very sweet and relaxing Japanese Christmas Song.
  • Piece of My Wish by 今井美樹. A peaceful lovely song can calm you down a little bit.
  • エロチカセブン by Southern All Stars. I like it sometimes when thing does not go so well.
  • 空も飛べるはず – Sora Mo Toberu Hazu – I Can Fly Even The Sky by Spitz is one of my favorite Japanese songs. This song was very popular in Japan between 1995-1996, the period of my last stay there. I remember singing this song loudly in a karaoke box with some of my best friends: Yoko-chan, Ogura-san, Muya-san, Suzue-san, Okano-san. I am wondering how they are all doing now?
  • True Love by 藤井フミヤ (Fujii Fumiya). This soundtrack song of a winter love story drama long time ago, is still a memorable love song and an easy song to listen.
  • 春よ、来い by 松任谷由実 (Haru Yo, Koi / Come here, Spring by Matsutoya Yumi). When will the spring come by? Not so often, I guess.
  • 真夏の夜の夢 (Manatsu no Yoru no Yume/Summertime Night Dream) by 松任谷由実 (Matsutoya Yumi). I oversee a very humid hot summer for this song. Even I live in a very hot exotic island at the moment, I can still feel the humidity on my skin when I hear this song.
  • 君がいるだけで by 米米クラブ (Kimi ga iru dake de / If only you are here by Kome Kome Club). Popular pop song. I like it a lot.
  • Hello, My Friend by 松任谷由実 (Matsutoya Yumi). Hello, hello all my friends. How do you do? I certainly believed that I would meet some of you again sometimes in the future.
  • はがゆい唇 by 高橋真梨子 (Hagayui Kuchibiru by Takahashi Mariko). I like this song. All songs in her album are just superb.
  • I Love You by 尾崎豊 (Ozaki Yutaka). This song is a legendary song for Japanese youngsters or at least youngsters in the era of 90′s, since this singer has died in a very young age, and this song of him was very popular at that time.



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