Developing a System

7 12 2011

Developing a system is not an easy thing. There are lots of things involved. Starting from the knowledge of Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM), mentality of SDM, communication skill, coordination, leadership, commitment, and discipline. Leadership is an important starting point in developing and implementing a system. However, if the leader of the organisation has no time or intention in doing so, a system can only be developed in the form of a subsystem that can only be applied to a certain part of an organisation.

Knowledge of System Development

Knowledge of SDM is something that can be a wheel for the success of developing a system. Luckily, the background knowledge has sometimes been ready and available, so in terms of finding the basic needed for the system, will not be a difficult thing. However, working with only one person will be an absurd thing. That way, the help of staffs in the development process is needed. The smoothness of this process really depends on the readiness of knowledge of each SDM involved.

The main difficulty of this process is that the SDM is not really ready in projecting the existing  task into a comprehensive systems. The person that will be given the task to develop the blueprint of the system, needs to have a certain level of knowledge in system development. This in particular needs time to achieve, since staffs has no enough time for learning, and learning is the last thing to do, way after all existing tasks finalised. But, once this is ready, than the process of developing a system will be on the go.

In particular, system development is suited for people with a background of IT (Information Systems). In such study, there are a number of subjects thought in relation to the system development, including Information Systems Analysis, Object Oriented Modelling, Unified Modelling Language, Algorithm, and some other related subjects. It is a benefit, if one that will be appointed as the person in charge for the system development, learns about these subjects first.

Other topics on System Development: Knowledge, Mentality, Leadership, Commitment, Coordination, Discipline, and Communication Skill