2014 Montpellier Internship

23 08 2014

This year, there are two internships from Polytech of Montpellier, France: Adrien Claudin and Florian Guihard. They are working on a template project for a web system which includes a generic user administration module, a data maintenance module, a data warehouse module, and data mining modules implementing two data mining methods: naive bayes and k-means algorithm. They are staying in Bali for three months (June 2nd – August 28th, 2014).

Today (August 23rd, 2014), they presented their work in front of students and lecturers, in conjunction to a final project presentation by Forth year student group at Stikom Bali’s Dual Degree program. The project went well, despite of new technologies that they have to implement. The user administration module is a generic module to administrate users of the systems. The data warehouse module is also new to them, and they make to the end an analysis of user activity data warehouse systems. For the data mining module, they manage to implement two methods out of three methods I have asked them in the beginning. All applications are implemented using the Java EE with the Model View Controller (MVC) concept as well as Data Access Object (DAO) design pattern. They also implemented the JFreeChart library for graph display and the WEKA library for implementing the naive Bayes data mining method. The whole project is intended to become a system template for students who will be taking web application, data warehouse, and data mining subjects, so they do not have to build a system from scratch for the sake of learning Data Warehouse or Data Mining alone.

This year. the result of the internship is very good, and very useful for the next teaching as well as the next internship program.

Despite of the hard working, the two internships have also enjoyed to stay in Bali. They have played the things that they have planned such as kite surfing and diving. Hope they will have a lot of memories and experiences while staying in Bali both in terms of the Balinese culture and the technology learning.

This is a picture taken at the end of their presentation time. Form the left: Adrien Claudine, Me, Nico Bruhne (Forth Year Stikom Bali’s Dual Degree Program), Florian Guihard, Putu Sri Sasmitha Dewi (Forth Year Stikom Bali’s Dual Degree Program), and Klinton Putra B.B.M. (Forth Year Stikom Bali’s Dual Degree Program).
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