Lucy’s Visit

31 10 2010

Lucy is a friend of my wife. Now she is living in Australia with her husband Dany. During the 2010 new year holiday, they visited us on the way to go back to her home town in Makassar. Here are some pictures when we visited some of the tourism sites in Bali. First of all, we went to Tanah Lot, a small island with a temple on it, which is located in Tabanan Regency and has a good view of sunset. We saw a lot of things in there (snake, bat, and some others), drank coconuts juice, saw sunset, and enjoyed each other companies until the sun was set.

Lucy Visit 01Lucy Visit 02Lucy Visit 03Lucy Visit 04

The next day, we went around Ubud and had lunch at the Dirty Duck Restaurant (Restoran Bebek Bengil), a restaurant that has been visited the most by visitors if they came to Ubud. The crispy duck there is fabulous, and the view from within the restaurant is nice. Rice fields behind the restaurant, ponds and Balinese instruments gave us a relaxing time while eating. I think, Lucy and Dany have enjoyed their lunch at the restaurant, as also us, of course. We took some pictures, which apparently were very nice indeed.

Lucy Visit 05Lucy Visit 07Lucy Visit 06Lucy Visit 08Lucy Visit 09Lucy Visit 10

We went also to other tourism sites near Ubud, Goa Gajah and Tampak Siring. Goa Gajah is an old site which is believed to be a place for taking bath for kings and queens. Goa means cave, and Gajah means Elephant. So, the actual meaning of Goa Gajah is an Elephant Cave. However, there is no elephants whatsoever living in the site. Gajah (Elephant) itself is a naming after the face scluptured at the gate of the cave, as you can see in the picture we took.

Lucy Visit 11Lucy Visit 12

Tampak Siring, another site that we visited has also an interesting story. Tampak Siring is a place for a temple named Tirta Empul. The site is famous for its holy water that directly arises from the earth. The water flows through to the Jaba part, where most people will take a cleansing bath before entering the temple. The process itself is very sacral and we family actually like to have a cleansing time during the full moon time. The site has also a resting house for Indonesian president built by President Soekarno, and is often used for presidential meeting. Lucy and Dany have taken some pictures in there for their memory.

Lucy Visit 13Lucy Visit 14




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