2010 French Internship

16 08 2010

There are two internships working with me this year. They are Vincent Amodeos and Romain Chailan and currently in their forth grade of their studies at the Polytech Montpellier, France. They will be staying in Bali for about three months, working in the area of data mining, to find patterns within a database, and use the patterns for further decision making.

Meeting in Korea 01

So far, I have been impressed by their working attitude, since there is only a little guidance I have given to them in finishing the tasks provided. That was what also happened in the year 2008 with two other previous internships that worked with me at that time. Just by comparison, only a number of local students, not more than 25% that have an attitude like them.

Aside from working for their tasks, they are also enjoying to go some places around Bali, including surfing in Kuta Beach and some other nice beaches. They also plan to go some places including mountain, temple, village, and island for snorkling. Hopefully they will have a good experience as well as a good impression of Bali, although they have also been complaining about the policemen and some other officers, that tend to like to stop them everywhere trying to find some sort of wrong-doing of them and “begging for money”. Hope this is not happening all the time.




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