An Hectic Month

31 03 2009

March 2009 is really an hectic month for me. I could not believe that I can handle such a month, and I am happy to handle it relatively right.

3-6 March 2009: The National Technical Meeting of my office was held in Bali. I had to join the meeting as a participant as well as an informal member of the committee. Those were really two things that could not be combined and handled easily. Sometimes, I could not even have the time to listen the things discussed in the meeting.

6-8 March 2009: My department continued the meeting in Bali to discuss some technical stuffs in more details. This was really difficult, since the number of committee reduced drastically, and at one time, I was the only committee available for that meeting.

11 March 2009: My last visit to Jembrana as the acting head of our Jembrana office.

16 March 2009: The installment of the definite head of the Jembrana office.

17-19 March 2009: The procession of Galungan Celebration in Bali.

19 March 2009: My father-in-law has passed away and the funeral procession was held in Klungkung.

21-24 March 2009: Provincial Technical Meeting, fortunately it was held in Denpasar, so I did not have travel a long way, since I have to travel back and forth Denpasar-Klungkung.

25-27 March 2009: The procession of Nyepi Celebration in Bali.

27-29 March 2009: The procession of Kuningan Celebration in Bali.

28 March 2009: My mother-in-law has passed away and the funeral procession was held in Klungkung.

30-31 March 2009: International Conference on Tourism Statistics was held in Nusa Dua, Bali. Though, I was not a participant, neither a member of the committee, since there were some guests of our headquarter office also coming to the conference, I had to take care of two guests there (Paul Cheung from the UN and Eduardo Pereira Nunes from Brasil) to travel around Denpasar. One of my friends from Australia (Daniel Pambudi), also came to the conference, but unfortunately I could only meet and talk to him for about 10 minutes. That was such a pity, since there was a lot to talk about, since I have not met him for a long time.

The things that made me a bit tired during these times were the funeral processions of my father-in-law and my mother-in law, since they could not be finished simply in one day. I took about 7 days each to finish starting when they died. So it was a bit hectic, since after the funeral procession of my father-in-law just finished, we had to continue with the funeral procession of my mother-in-law. For that reason, sometimes, I had to excuse myself from the tasks at my office.




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3 04 2009
Yudi Agusta


3 04 2009

oh my, deep condolences for both your parents in law sir. so that’s why I haven’t been seeing you at campus lately. I hope things could get better for you soon, cheers!

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